We all take pictures of friends and family.  Smartphones have even made this easier and more accessible. We in fact all take pictures all the time.

Though to create an imposing portrait with a lot of depth and atmosphere, you need a few more elements.

The first one is of course a photographer with a sharp eye for detail and a great sense of visualisation. Technical skills in photography and lighting, developed by years of experience, will make a huge difference.

The second element is time. This is also the one that is often missing on shoots.  If the subject is only available for a 10-15 minutes, it is important to give some time to the photographer prior to the shoot.  Finding the right location with the appropriate surroundings and background, as well as creating the right lighting composition, requires going through a few tests and options, so the more time, better the result. If time is not an option, planning is the solution and an in-depth review of the shoot and brief with the photographer will make a big difference.

The third element is quiet surroundings. This is especially key when a subject is not used to being photographed.  The best is to leave the photographer and the subject alone avoiding any interference and allowing the person to relax. The photographer will create the right climate of confidence which will be conveyed in the final image.

Our experienced photographers combine the set of technical and communication skills to make the portrait session focused and efficient as well as fun and enjoyable, and will create a unique portrait with character and with a great presence.