How to prepare for your business headshot

Thank you for booking your business headshot with us.  We want to make this experience as easy and as fun as possible.  Here are a few easy tips on how to prepare for the portrait shoot.

Wardrobe and grooming elements:

  • Hands play an important part in a portrait shoot.  Smart shirt or jacket cuffs are crucial for this reason, especially if you work in the Watch, Jewellery or Beauty industry.
  • Make sure you dress at your best and check that your clothes are in perfect order and properly ironed. Pay attention to detail (no missing buttons or stained shirt/tie for example).  Wearing something comfortable and familiar is important so that you feel relaxed and confident during the shoot.
  • When choosing what to wear, take into account the location and the portrait option that you have booked: for example, a white shirt against a white backdrop will probably not make a great combination.
  • Consider having a manicure if closeup shots of your hands are planned in the brief.  This goes for both men and women.
  • For beards or any facial hair, a fresh clip or shave works for a great portrait.
  • Light natural make up will help in creating a neutral professional look.
  • If you are concerned by the famous T-zone (nose and forehead) which has a predilection to be shiny, use absorbing / cleansing wipes or plan for a quick face wash before the shoot. Applying a light makeup base can help prevent the shine as well.

During the shoot

Our experienced photographers are trained to make you feel comfortable during the full shoot.  They will guide you throughout the process, suggesting poses and options, to create a great set of images.

  • Be prepared to smile and to be serious. Different facial expressions will help maximise the options we can give you.
  • If you have some ideas in mind, let us know prior to the shoot or during the shoot.
    • Do you want to look approachable or do you want to project the image of someone in charge?
    • if there is any restrictions that you feel are relevant, please make sure you to let the photographer know prior to the shoot (e.g. : don’t want to be photographed seated). This will help you relax and the photographer can find visual alternatives.

Environmental Portrait

  • If you have booked an environmental portrait, think about the background you want to use prior to the shoot, so that the image conveys the right message for you.
  • Think of the space you will be using to shoot, somewhere bright and spacious will most likely result in a nicer final image.
  • Avoid being photographed against reflective surfaces such as mirrors, shiny walls, or framed art work as the photographers lights might end up reflecting on those surfaces
  • Adding a prop or an accessory that relates to you or your company can help in creating a more impactful image. It is also a great way to tell a story about you or your business.
  • If you have booked an exterior environmental portrait, make sure you have the necessary authorisation to use the space for a photo shoot.  Some public spaces, monuments and even some parks have restrictions.  If you are unsure, send us a quick email and we will do our best to advise you on this.
  • Find somewhere quiet, so you feel 100% comfortable. If the location is very busy it will make it harder to keep things under control and may distract you from your shoot.
  • The environment will be part of the image, so try and identify a design or visual element that will stand out in the final photograph: a beautiful landscape backdrop, a nice architectural feature, or a textured/coloured wall for example.