Corporate portraits are often limited to plain background headshots. Even if they often are the cheapest and quickest options (no pre-production research and work), this is also a lost opportunity to include key message and corporate elements to the images.

A well studied environmental portrait can create the connection between the viewer and your business and should be part of your branding considerations.

Do you have a corporate colour you want to use ? A key product ? Do you want to pass on ethical or ecological value ? Will the portrait be used to raise the credibility of the company in the City ? Will it be included in a fun and playful press kit ? Do you have difficulties to find new member of staff and do you need to show potential new employees that your management style is friendly, but with a clear direction ? Should the environment be playing a major role or should the subject remain the main element ?

Each business is different and each moment in the life of a company brings new challenges. The portraits of your key managers and their teams should reflect today’s situation.

When you have several pictures in a press kit, it is especially important to include an environmental portrait that will include branding details and key information in line with your communication strategy. You will probably not control the layout of the magazine or newspaper, chances are high that the editor will go first for the portrait. If the space is restricted and only one image can fit, this picture will illustrate the article, but will also convey way more …