Yes, a portrait shoot can be fun and actually should be a moment of enjoyment for the subject !

For some of your team members who you have volunteered for a portrait session, the idea of a professional photo shoot can be a painful thought and instead of being excited, they build up stress and panic.

One part of our job is to make them feel relaxed and confident, but if they arrive on the shoot in the right frame of mind, it will help the process.

Building up the idea that the shoot will be fun is important. If the shoot takes place at the office, why not organise a small team building activity at the same time, even if this is simply to tidy the space up and make it pretty for the session. The photo shoot is also a great way to make people come together and can work very well as a sales meeting activity.

If you notice that one of your staff member is very worried the day before, have a quick one to one chat with him/her and reassure the person. You can also discretely mention it to us, so we plan a bit more time with him/her. We can also give you a guideline on make up, clothes to wear, etc., so that everyone has the impression to come to the shoot at his/her best,  prepared and confident.

If possible, it is always better to plan the shoot in a private area of the building to avoid interference with other people while each person has his/her picture taken. It is important to mention it to your team to get that social pressure down !

A photo shoot always ends up to be a fun, confident building moment and everyone enjoys it at the end. So to make the most of it, don’t forget to help the pre-shoot by creating a positive, fun and relaxed vibe around it!